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What is Paintball? 

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Paintball began in the early 1970s in California when a small group of people obtained air guns that fired paint pellets used to mark trees by the forestry industry. By the late 1980's the game grew into an organized sport with independent manufacturers, indoor and outdoor playing fields and recognized tournaments. Today paintball is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world as a family friendly sports experience. 

In the years since it began, paintball equipment has grown considerably more sophisticated. Safety gear has evolved to create a safe and fun gaming environment for players of a variety of ages. Paintball can be enjoyed by anyone 6 years of age+, any size, shape or gender can participate and have fun.  


The paintball itself is a .68 caliber gelatin-coated ball filled with vegetable oil and food colouring. Paintballs are fully biodegradable and easily wash out of clothing and hair. All players wear a full face safety goggle helmet which covers the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Players at Capture The Flag Cochrane paintball are also provided with protective camouflage coveralls and chest protectors. This makes them harder to spot on the field + absorbs some of the impact and most of the paint. There are even white winter uniforms to blend in when the terrain is snow covered during the winter. 


There are 3 "versions" of paintball available at our Calgary/Cochrane area paintball field ; 1) "Splatmaster" uses smaller paintballs shot at low speeds with spring powered markers. This is best suited for 6-9+ years of age. 2) Low Impact paintball also uses small paintballs which are projected out of a compressed air powered  marker at lower speeds than regular paintball. This is ideal for anyone who is a first timer or nervous from 7 years to adults. 3) Regular paintball shoots a larger paintball and is recommended for 10 years of age+.

Paintball is a thrilling family friendly way to get outside and active for those of all ages and abilities. Capture The Flag paintball Calgary area caters to group events such as birthdays, corporate team building, stag or stagettes, churchs, schools, team windups, charity drives or a day out with family or friends.

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