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  • $10 one time entry fee per player includes access to 116 acres & 22 courses and all day unlimited private play. 


  • Paintballs are 5 cents/ball with a minimum purchase of 500 balls/player. 500 balls = $25, 1000 = $50. Premium paint is available for 6 cents/ball. Case of 2000 balls is $80 for regular or $90 for premium paint


  • Compressed air is $5 for unlimited fills with own tank or $10 to rent a tank for the day with unlimited refills


  • Vets CANNOT purchase paintballs for their rental friends

Rental Item Daily Rates: Mask $3, Camo $3, Pods/Harness $3, Loader $3, Chest Protector $3, Air Tank $10
Outside paintballs are allowed at a cost of $50/player. Outside balls are only allowed by those with their own equipment. Rental players must purchase paintballs from us. No sharing outside balls with rental players

gun owner pricing capture the flag paintball cochrane/calgary
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