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Capture the Flag Paintball Cochrane is located on 116 acres of scenic wilderness west of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The area is divided up into 22 different playing fields with a variety of terrain from dense forest to open hills. Our vast range of courses includes towers, castles, towns, buses, cars, trees, tires, turrets, spools, wood bunkers, buildings and many other exciting places to hide from your opponent. We offer unlimited playing time and all groups play privately as we are one of the largest extreme sports entertainment venues in the world.


There is a large outdoor patio called "Heaven" to rest and relax between games. We sell hot dogs and sausages for $1-$3 or bring any of your own food and drink to enhance your event. Capture The Flag Archery Tag Calgary area is open all winter long so for those colder snowy or rainy days we have a large rumpus room and change up area with a fireplace. This acts as a lodge for you to warm up in between games and has a proper washroom. As long as you are dressed properly you can still have tons of fun even in cold conditions so don’t let any negative weather keep you from playing. 

Any size groups are allowed you do not need a large group to have fun. Expect to spend 2 to 6+ hours at our archery tag facility depending on time, energy, and budget. To pre-book online Book Archery Tag.  

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