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calgary paintball action shot

Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone who is playing must fill out a waiver form. You may prefill it out online if you click this link or we have them available at the field to fill out.,61b4e1aff7256e00196d83ca?event=none

Is Paintball Safe?

Yes paintball is a very safe sport and injuries are very rare. We have the highest safety standards in the industry and all players must go through an equipment demonstration as well as a rules session before playing. All players must wear a full face mask and all markers are set with velocity limits. For more info on paintball safety check out the Go Play 

Do you have corporate or group rates?

For groups of 25+ players we will waive the $7 per player one time entry fee. Paintballs, everyone in the group must start with at least the min 100 balls for $18. All extra paintballs are $8 per 100 balls, our lowest rate. For detailed large group pricing click Paintball Cochrane .

What are coupons or passes and where can I find them?

Coupons and passes save all players from paying the $7 one time entry fee. They can be obtained in most major coupon books. 

Do I need to make a deposit to reserve my booking?

No, all bookings are tentative and can be cancelled or changed anytime. There is no credit card deposit required. We ask is that you notify us if your booking doesn't work out so we cancel it.

Can we camp overnight at your facility?

No we do not allow camping at Capture The Flag. However, there are several campsites just up Highway 40 close to our location. Check out (search for Cochrane, then Waiparous East Loop), and for more camping information.

Can I buy just one large amount of paintballs and share them with everyone in the group?

Yes you may buy a large amount of paintballs and share them with everyone in the group. However, please note that everyone in the group must start with at least the minimum 100 paintballs for $18. 

Can I bring in my own paintballs?

No outside paintballs are allowed. We have a special color and brand of paintball and can easily spot outside balls. Any groups caught using outside balls are charged $50 each. Thanks for supporting our business.


Do you sell paintball guns?

Yes, we sell limited amounts of new and pre-owned paintball markers.  Call 403-932-9510 and we can tell you what we currently have in stock.


Do you refill compressed air? CO2?

Yes, we will refill compressed air at $5 per day with unlimited refills if you have your own tank. Refills are free if you rent our markers. We no longer fill C02 so you must bring your own or use compressed air instead.  


Are you open in the winter or when the weather is bad?

Yes we are open regardless of weather even in rain, sleet or snow, all year around. We have a house like a ski lodge to change and warm up in. Dressed properly, you can easily play in any weather conditions and have fun. Always call before canceling. Just because the weather is bad in Calgary doesn't mean it is at our facility. Remember people ski on top of mountains so you can easily play paintball in the forest and trees as long as you are properly dressed.


What is the difference between the marker levels?

The higher the level of marker, the better it functions. This includes increased speed, accuracy as well as decreases the chance of marker issues or breakdowns. It's kind of like renting a car in that there are improved models to rent.


Can I bring my own marker?

Yes, as long as your marker velocity is under 300 feet per second. We have chronographs to check all marker speeds. 

Can I bring my own safety equipment?

Absolutely, as long as it conforms to our safety standards. Ski goggles are not permitted to be used.

How old do you need to be to play paintball?

We suggest 10 years of age and up to play regular paintball, 7 years+ for low impact paintball and 6 years+ for Splatmaster. We have had many tough 8 and 9 year olds play regular paintball, however, they must be aware that a hit from a paintball can have a bee sting effect sometimes.  For young groups we recommend that at least 2 adults play, one for each team. There are chest protectors and facemasks for everyone and all groups play privately unless they choose to join with others. 


Do you serve alcohol?

No, we don’t sell alcohol and alcohol is not allowed at our facility.


Do you sell food?

We sell hot dogs and sausages for $1-$3 each. We also sell chips, pop and chocolate bars. You are encouraged to make it a tailgate party and bring any additional food or drink you want such as burgers, steaks, pop, chips, cake, etc. 


Do you have Bus Service?

We have a partnership with Fenton Bus Lines, , to help provide busing options for groups that require it.  For more detailed information on our bus rentals contact Kathy Fenton at 403-680-9394 or email her at

I want to play paintball, but I don’t have a group. Can I play by with another group?

Yes, you may come out and join existing groups that are looking for 'joiners/walk ons'. Always contact us prior to review bookings because some groups prefer private sessions.  We also run ~3 paintball and ~3 airsoft events per year. These are typically in the form of "Big Games" and are planned, all day events with games and prizes. These are great days to come out if you are looking to join with other players. For more detailed info see Paintball & Airsoft Events


How many paintballs do I need?

There is no specific answer to this question as there tends to be a wide range of consumption of paintballs depending on the individual. Markers shoots one paintball everytime you pull the trigger. Children will easily use whatever you are willing to buy them so it is best to determine your budget and then anything above and beyond that they are responsible for on their own.


Do Paintballs Hurt?

Yes there can be a “bee sting” like effect when being hit by a paintball. This can vary depending on where you are hit and from how far away it came. However there is a far greater “bee sting” effect from sports such as hockey, football, soccer, etc. We suggest 10 years+ when playing paintball. We have had a wide array of people play and enjoy paintball from 10 year old kids to “commando” moms and even “terminator” grandmas! Chest protectors and all necessary safety equipment is included with your entry fee.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Cash is the quickest especially on busy days. 

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