Entry Fee - $27 per player 

-Includes unlimited playing time on 116 acres & 22 courses, never ending hot dog BBQ, camo or white winter outfit, face mask & chest protector or use your own gear.


Rifle Levels - As level increases, the rifles are more accurate, powerful, shoot further and can go full automatic.

*Note - You must be 14 years of age & up to rent airsoft rifles or use your own equipment at 10 years of age & up. Limited airsoft rentals available. Pre-book rentals or we cannot guarantee availablility.


airsoft sniper gun aw .308 for rental at capture the flag airsoft calgary
AW .308 Sniper
-Single shot, bolt action
Airsoft guns for rental at airsoft calgary, tippmann m4 carbine, m4 airsoft guns to rent, combat sports, airsoft rifles for rent calgary
Tippmann M4 Carbine
-Single shot or full auto modes available
-Average speed ~375 feet per second
airsoft pistol sidearm for rental at capture the flag airsoft calgary walther p99 c02 pistol
Walther P99 C02 Pistol
-Single shot, requires C02 cartridges

BIODEGRADABLE BB's - $25 per bag (4000 count or 1 kg)
Or bring your own. Biodegradable only 

Available sizes .20g, .25g, or .30g


RENTAL ITEMS - $5 per item
-Magazine, battery, charger, airsoft goggles, mesh mask, speed loader


Bandanas $3

Barrel Bag $5-8

Battery (new & used) $20 - $50

Airsoft Goggles $20 - $50+

Mesh Mask $25

Mags $10 - $25

Airsoft Guns (various) ~$100 - $700+

Capture The Flag airsoft Cochrane is open 7 days per week, all year around, including the winter.  Open in all weather & you can still have lots of fun playing, even in cooler conditions. Always pre-book Book Airsoft or call.

Paintball | Airsoft | Archery Tag | Splatmaster | Low Impact Paintball

Capture The Flag Paintball & Airsoft

Calgary & Cochrane Area

Call 403-932-9510

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