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paintball mountain action shot

Once at Capture The Flag Paintball and Airsoft Cochrane players suit up in a clean camouflage, white winter uniform or padded camo snowsuit as well as a chest protector. Next fill out a waiver form or click here to print at home. Now look at the 6 different levels of paintball markers and the paintball pricing sheet. The various levels of markers perform better as you go up through them. The main difference is how far, fast, and accurate they shoot. It's kind of like renting a car in that you can rent better equipment if you choose. Pick your desired package as well as a face mask.

Paintballs can last a long time or can go quickly depending on the individual operating the marker. Choose the package that best suits your budget. The more paintballs you start with, the less expensive extras are later on. The packages are set up in a bulk scale, so the more you buy initially, the less you pay per paintball. Everyone must buy at least the minimum 100 paintballs for $18. No outside paintballs are allowed and we have a field specific color and type to easily identify outside balls. Note if players are caught with outside balls everyone in the group is charged $50. Payment is accepted by cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard,  and American Express.      

Players then receive gun instruction and are taught how to play fun, safe paintball. Everyone is instructed on how to fill the air tank, operate the marker as well as test fire it to ensure it is working. After choosing teams listen to the rules for the game of "Capture The Flag". With 116 acres and 22 courses all groups play privately unless they choose to join with other groups. If you do have a smaller group and want to find others to join with our staff will gladly help facilite.

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