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calgary airsoft sniper

When you arrive at Capture The Flag Paintball & Airsoft Cochrane sign a waiver or print the Airsoft Waiver at home. Next suit up in a camouflage outfit or white winter suit and chest protector or use your own outfit. Then select the airsoft rifle you would like to rent, purchase BBs and load your magazines. After loading the rifle, your instructor will clarify all safety rules on and off the field and give a short demonstration about operating your airsoft gun.

Airsoft is a sport based on the honor system. BB's do not leave any form of mark to denote a hit, so it is up to the individual to call themselves out. Failure to do so is obvious to those around you. Cheating not only dishonors yourself, but those you play with as well, and robs all of a fun airsoft experience. Hits count anywhere on your body and gear. This includes headshots, clothing or any gear you may be carrying on your body. When the game concludes, exit the field and remember to remove your magazine and clear the chamber. Safety ON! You must be 14 years of age and up to rent our airsoft guns or bring your own at 10 years of age and up.

Airsoft is nothing like anything you've ever experienced! Pay attention, be dynamic, but most importantly have fun! We also run several airsoft Big Games and events over the spring, summer and fall season. For more information on Airsoft Events.


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