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Do I have to sign a waiver?

Yes, everyone on site must fill out a waiver form. Waivers are available when you arrive or you can click the following links to print ahead of time.

Adult Waiver  Minor Child Waiver

What is your speed limit for airsoft rifles?

(to download PDF Click Here)

What about eye/face protection?

All players must wear eye protection that is ballistic-rated. Safety gear is provided with all rentals. If you are not renting a gun safety gear is available for rent. (Ski goggles etc are not permitted.)

What clothing should I wear?

Dress in comfortable clothing suitable for the weather along with appropriate footwear. All gear is provided for renters including camos and chest protectors. 

How old do I need to be to play Airsoft?

Anyone 14 years of age and up can rent our airsoft rifles. You may play and use your own airsoft gun if you are 10 years of age and up.


Do airsoft BB’s hurt?

There can be a “bee sting” effect when hit by an airsoft BB. This can greatly vary depending on where you are hit and from how far away it travelled. We suggest 10 years of age and up when using your own equipment and playing with similar-aged players. Chest protectors and all safety equipment required are included with your entry fee and all players are given full safety instructions before playing.


Are you open in the winter or when the weather is bad?

Yes, we are open 365 days a year no matter the weather. 


What is the difference between the rifle levels?

The higher the level of the gun, the better it functions. Features include increased speed & accuracy. Level one airsoft rifles are snipers which are single shot. Level 2's are Tippmann M4 carbines which are air powered and can shoot full and semi-automatic. We also rent sidearm pistols.


Can I bring my own airsoft gun?

Yes, as long as your gun velocity conforms to our speed standards. We have chronographs available and check all own airsoft gun speeds. 

Do you serve alcohol?

No, we don’t sell alcohol and alcohol is not allowed at our facility.


Do you sell food?

We offer hot dogs for $2 each. We also sell chips, pop and chocolate bars and other snacks. You are encouraged to make it a tailgate party and bring any additional food or drink you want such as burgers, steaks, pop, chips, cake, etc. 

I want to play airsoft but don’t have a group. Can I come out and join another group?

Yes, you may come out and join existing groups that are looking for 'joiners/walk ons'. Always contact us prior to review bookings because some groups prefer private sessions.  We also run ~3 paintball and ~3 airsoft events per year. These are typically in the form of "Big Games" and are planned, all day events with games and prizes. These are great days to come out if you are looking to join with other players. For more detailed info see Paintball & Airsoft Events.


How many BBs do I need?

There is no specific answer as there tends to be a wide range of consumption of BBs depending on the individual. The standard-sized BB’s have a 3000 count for $30. All of our rentals have semi and full-auto capabilities. If you are purchasing for kids (and even adults) be sure to set your limit and any extras they are on their own or finished.


Do I need to make a deposit to reserve my booking?

All bookings are provisional and may be cancelled or altered at any time without a credit card deposit. If your booking changes, please inform us so we can allocate the slot to others. Due to the limited number of airsoft rental guns, it's advisable to reserve in advance.


Can we camp overnight at your facility?

Yes, we have limited no-service spots. Please call/text 403-880-3681 or email for rates and availability.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

What type(s) of airsoft guns can be used?

All rifles, including fully automatic, can be used as long as they fit our FPS speed limits.

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