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Laser Trek Arena - SE Calgary Location

Laser Trek has a 9,000 sq foot black-lit maze with 3 levels for the fun and exciting sports of Laser Tag and Airsoft. Our maze features all types of obstacles such as towering 9 foot walls, bunkers, ramps, mirrors and even a fog machine.

After arriving at our Laser Trek Arena, your group will be taken to the Laser Trek ready room. This room is where you will spend 5 minutes suiting up in your electronic vest and being instructed on how to play Laser Trek. After everyone understands the basic game play, the field rules will be explained, and then you will be sent into the arena. Once in the arena you will have 30 seconds to find a starting position before the game begins.

Once the game begins, we will turn up the tunes with some high-energy music, or if you prefer, bring your favourite CD and we can play it for you! Laser Trek games are 15 minutes in length but 2 games takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Everyone plays 2 to 4 fifteen minute sessions depending on your time, energy and budget. After the game, check out your detailed print-out of who zapped who, how many points you and your team scored, and more. There is also a 4 game special which costs $24 per player that includes the 4 games as well as a FREE pizza for every 8 players. (Offer is pro-rated by $2 per player if less than 8 players).

After your game of Laser Trek, refresh in our lounge with a hot snack, or a cold drink. We also have private party rooms available free of charge. The only outside food allowed is a cake and then we have a menu which sells pizza, pop, juice, wings, etc. We provide all cups, plates, cutlery, and we clean up all the mess! Or pay $2 per person and bring all your own food and drink.We also have arcade games and an air hockey table! Any size groups are welcome. We have more vests than any other laser tag facility in the city with 40+ vests! Private sessions can be arranged and we can cater to birthday parties, stag(ettes), companies, teams, church and school groups. Trek is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  if pre-booked. We are regularly open 3:00pm to 9:00pm Monday - Thursday, 12:00pm - 10:00pm Friday, and 10am - 10pm Saturday and Sunday. Please call to pre-book at 403-932-9510 or you can book online by clicking here.

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