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Laser Trek:  How to play

When you arrive at our SE Calgary Laser Trek Arena all groups first fill out a waiver form. A unique name is then assigned to track your scores and many other statistics while you play. After registration is complete your group will head over to the ready room, where you will equip yourself with an electronic vest and gun. Next, an instructor will clarify all safety rules on and off the field.

Once all players understand the rules your instructor will give a short demonstration regarding how to use the guns and how to score points in the sport of Laser Tag. There are plenty of ways to win at the game of Laser Tag, so listen up, keep sharp, and most of all, have fun!

During the game you will encounter more then just the opposite team. Although points are most commonly gained by zapping opponent's vests or guns, the field also features multiple stationary targets that can be zapped during play. Doing so can earn you 800, 1600, and even 2400 points! Upgrade your firepower to a machine gun by hitting 3 or more players from the opposite team without getting hit. As if you didn't have enough to watch out for, our field is also equipped with a robot that will start shooting back if he is bothered!

After a game is completed, your group will be taken to our computer where each players score is printed off. This information shows the number of times you shot your laser, how many people you hit, where you hit them, total points collected, and may other interesting statistics taken throughout the game. This print off is yours to keep so you can compare it to past games! There is never a dull moment in this fast paced, futuristic game, so get your group together and head down to our Laser Trek facility at 7905 Flint Road SE Calgary.


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