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Capture The Flag: Bus Rental


Bus Rental

We have a partnership with Fenton Bus Lines, , to help provide busing options for groups that require it. The cost for a run for a 48 passenger bus are as follows; Cochrane $315, Calgary (all areas) $420, Airdrie $420. Canmore $525, Banff $580, Strathmore $580 or let them know your preferred location and they can quote you a price. All day charters of up to ~14 hours are also available at a rate of $750. All prices include GST. To book or for more info contact Kathy Fenton at 403-680-9394, or check out . All prices include GST.

All Day Extended Bus Rental

Fenton also offers a ~14 hour rental of the bus for $750. For example, get picked up at your preferred location, get driven to Capture the Flag, spend typically 3 - 6 hours playing paintball. Then our driver will take you back to Calgary to tour your choice of venues. Then you will be returned to your drop off location by next morning at the same time you were picked up. For a group of 20 players this costs less than $40 each!


Fenton Bus Lines     403-680-9394

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