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Airsoft - Capture The Flag Outdoor Cochrane
Airsoft is a fast growing sport played at Capture The Flag Paintball & Airsoft near Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. Our outdoor facility has 23 courses spread over a massive 116 acres of forest, bunkers, buildings, vehicles, and obstacles. We are open all year around from 9AM - 10 PM or sunset. In the winter months (Nov-Feb) operating hours are 10am until sunset. You can have a lot of fun playing outdoors even in cooler weather and we are open all winter long regardless of weather.

There is a $27 per player one time field entry fee. This includes all of your playing time, typically 2 - 7+ hours, use of face mask, camouflage, and chest protector (if required). Also included is a free unlimited hotdog BBQ and drinking water. For gun rentals we have 3 levels of rentals. Level 1's, AW .308 Snipers, rent for $20, Level 2s, Thompson M1A1 Military, rent for $30 and Level 3's, Tippmann M4 Carbines, rent for $45. Or you may bring your own airsoft rifles and only pay the entry fee. Please note that you must be 14 years of age and up to rent our airsoft guns.You may play and use your own equipment when 10 years of age and up. A bag of 4000 biodegradable BB's can be purchased at a cost of $25 or you may bring your own Biodegradable BB's ONLY. We sell the standard .25 gram BBs as well as the larger .28g and smaller .20g size. We check all BB's so be sure to bring biodegradable ones only or you will have to purchase BB's from us. . Anyone caught using plastic BBs will be asked to leave. One plastic BB can contaminate up 4 metres of soil so plastic BBs are extremely damaging to the environment. Detailed pricing can be found by clicking here.

Be sure to always pre-book when coming to our Capture The Flag Outdoor Field. Weekends are busiest so try to book during the week or on less prime weekend times (9AM - 10 AM or 3 PM onwards) if possible. You can also pre book online by clicking here. Or feel free to call us at 403-932-9510 with any additional questions.

Note we have limited airsoft rentals available. You must pre-book before coming to play or else we cannot guarantee a rental will be available. During prime dates or times a credit card may be required to reserve an airsoft rental. For more information or questions feel free to contact us at 403-932-9510 or



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