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Laser Trek: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have corporate or group rates?

Laser Trek’s pricing is already priced for group and corporate events, so we do not have a specific corporate rate. What we offer are consistent, reasonable prices for all groups large and small. You can save money with a Laser Trek event by using coupons which are available through the various coupon books that are sold / marketed in the Calgary and southern Alberta region. For large groups of 25+ players the price per player per game becomes $5.50 versus the regular price of $7. If you play 10 or more games between your entire group the cost is $6 per player per game.

How early do I need to arrive for my booking?

It's best to try and arrive ~10 - 15 minutes before your booking time so you can fill out the waivers and be all ready to go when your playing time starts.

What can I expect to pay?

It's $7 per person per game but if you play 10 or more total games between the entire group it costs $6 per player, per game. For example, 5 players playing 2 games each = 10 total games which would then cost $12 per player. There is also a $24 per person 4-game package that includes a large pizza for every 8 players. You can also save with coupons which are available in all major coupon books that churches and schools sell. For large groups of 25+ players the price is $5.50 per game, per player.

Are the Lasers dangerous?

No, the lasers on the markers are harmless and are perfectly safe for all ages.


How can you tell who wins?

Each vest/gun combination has a name and the performance of the player in that vest/gun is then tracked by a computer. At the end of the games you can print off your scores and standings.

My son or daughter wants to play Laser Trek. How old should they be to play?

We suggest 5 years of age and up for laser tag. We have had 3 and 4 year olds play, however, all players must wear a vest over their shoulders so if they are very small it may not fit them. Younger and / or smaller kids are more than welcome to try it out as long as the vest fits them.


Do I have to sign a waiver to play?

Yes, you must sign a waiver before playing at our Laser Trek facility. The waiver only requires a witness and it doesn't have to be a parent / guardian witness. Most groups simply fill out a waiver on gameday or contact us if you want to be faxed a copy.


Do you serve alcohol?

We do not have a liquor license however, you may pick up your own day permit for ~$12 from any liquor store and bring your own alcohol. We then charge a $3 per person cover charge. No rowdy or intoxicated groups and you must notify us if you are planning on bringing alcohol.

How long are Laser Tag games?

Laser Tag games are 15 minutes each in length but 2 games takes ~45 to play by the time you pick teams, get rules and instructions, etc. Groups play anywhere from 2 - 4 games depending on their time, energy and budget.

Do you sell food?

We offer pizza and other hot foods from a local pizzeria that you can order when you arrive to play your game(s). We also offer a selection of chips, snacks, chocolate bars and soft drinks for purchase at reasonable prices. The entire menu can be found by clicking here. Please note the only outside food allowed at our facility is a cake. All other food must be purchased from us or there is a $2 per person surcharge applied.

How do I pre-order my food?

We DO NOT take pre-orders for food. All food is ordered when you arrive on gameday and then it is hot and ready for when you are finished your games. The only time you need to pre-order food is if you are planning on eating first and then playing your games after. If you want to eat first contact Sylvia at 403-277-2006 to arrange your order.

Do I need to make a deposit to reserve my booking?

No, all bookings are tentative and can be cancelled or changed anytime. there is no credit card deposit required. All we ask is that you please notify us if / when your booking doesn't work out so we can fill the time.

Can my group play privately?

We try our best to keep all groups private. However, if you are booking on a busy Saturday or Sunday we often have to match groups together. Note that we put together similar age groups and, in general, most groups have more fun when there are more people playing. If you are looking for privacy try to book Monday to Friday or else look for less busy times on Saturday / Sundays such as 10 am, 8 pm, 9pm, etc..
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